Safe haven

I was walking in a familiar ground,
Yet everything seemed strange around,

I felt belonged and alienated at the same time,

Both my ease and discomfort was at prime,

There was a reason I was here,

I was looking for someone,

A girl, lost years back,

In the darkness of the world,

She was frivolous, carefree and childlike,

I admired her the minute I saw her,

Sitting, enjoying the winter sunshine,

I instantly felt a connection with her,

I thought I know her,

I observed her laughing with her friend,

A happy jolly laugh, I had forgotten how it felt,

I wanted to be her,

I talked to her,

She was so confident,

She was brilliant,

She told me that she loves the ground,

Best place to soak in the winter sun out and about,

She finds peace here, she said, 

The people, the trees, the basketball court,

The place is her safe haven, here she was bred,

People might call it noisy, but to her it was harmony,

She said goodbye, and left,

Her smile was perfect,

Easy and natural,

I adored her,

It has been a long time since then,

I returned here to meet her,

As her carefree smile made me happy,

I felt I know her,

However, I couldn’t find her,

I sat at the same place she was sitting when I first saw her,

Observed the ground, soaked in the warmth of the sun,

The people, the trees, the basketball court,

The noise, 

She was right,

It was a harmony,

And the place felt like haven, A safe haven,

I then remembered where I know her from,

I know her from within me,

I finally found her,

In me.


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